Commercial Application Solutions

Commercial Application Solutions

Road Passenger Transport Solutions

Addressing the demanding needs of high-frequency and high-stability road passenger transport, Super V offers versatile solutions that prioritize safety, reliability, durability, and applicability across diverse urban public transport scenarios, passenger lines, tourism transport, and commuter services. Super V collaborates with clients to optimize operational costs while enhancing the appeal of public transport through the creation of a visually appealing, comfortable, and environmentally friendly transportation image.

Urban Delivery Solutions

Super V’s traction batteries are designed for light trucks, mini-buses, and minivans, finding extensive applications in express delivery, supermarket logistics, fresh food distribution, and various other scenarios. Super V is dedicated to delivering customers secure, dependable, and all-encompassing battery solutions, contributing to the accelerated electrification of urban logistics. This not only helps in cost reduction but also enhances operational efficiency in the logistics sector.

Heavy-duty Transport Solutions

Super V delivers robust and eco-friendly power solutions to heavy-duty vehicles, catering to the demanding conditions of mining areas, ports, short-haul transportation in urban settings, and construction sites. This addresses the needs of industrialization and transport electrification, significantly enhancing operational efficiency while offering practical solutions to mitigate mobile source pollution. Super V is committed to advancing sustainable and efficient power solutions for heavy-duty applications.

Urban Street Cleaning Solutions

Super V offers tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of diverse street cleaning vehicles. Super V’s batteries boast excellent safety, extended lifespan, and robust environmental adaptability, catering to a range of vehicle types such as electric washing vehicles, electric washing and sweeping vehicles, electric garbage trucks, and more. With zero pollution and emissions, Super V actively participates in the Blue Sky Protection Campaign, contributing to environmental sustainability through clean and efficient energy solutions.

Construction Machinery

The battery product solution provided by CATL for the field of construction machinery are widely adapted to special vehicles such as forklifts and slag trucks. It‘s easy to adapt to specific working conditions and create a comfortable and safe working environment. So far, it has been successfully applied in complex scenes such as logistics parks, port, mining area, and so on.

Two-wheeled Vehicle Solutions

Super V provides eco-friendly, intelligent, and secure battery solutions tailored for two-wheeled vehicles, suitable for various scenarios including commuting, food delivery, express delivery, and more. The rechargeable and replaceable batteries offered by Super V ensure a convenient and seamless travel experience, reflecting a commitment to sustainable and user-friendly mobility solutions.

Vessel Solutions

Super V offers secure, dependable, environmentally friendly solutions for the electrification of vessels, contributing to the development of water eco-civilization. Super V’s products have successfully met the stringent testing guidelines of the China Classification Society (CCS), thereby expediting the adoption of electrification in maritime transportation. Super V is dedicated to advancing sustainable and efficient solutions for the marine industry.

Special Vehicle Solutions

CATL provides customized product solutions for special vehicles which can be easily adapted to specific working conditions, thereby improving economic benefits, reducing environmental pollution and creating a comfortable and safe working environment. Widely used in logistics parks, airports, ports, and other scenarios.