Energy Storage Solutions

Energy Storage on Power Generation

SuperV’s energy storage systems facilitate energy storage and output management in power generation by integrating electrochemical and renewable energy technologies. This integration ensures a cohesive system that leverages high-level cell consistency and advanced computing via BMS. SuperV’s solutions restore stability to power grids, optimize power output curves, mitigate solar and wind curtailment, enhance system inertia, and perform frequency and peak modulation. These capabilities increase the share of renewable energy in the overall power generation mix and optimize the energy structure for more efficient operation.

Energy Storage on Power Transmission and Distribution

SuperV’s energy storage systems offer intelligent load management for power transmission and distribution, dynamically adjusting frequency and peak loads based on grid demands. The electrochemical energy storage system by SuperV includes features such as capacity expansion and backup power supply. By integrating more renewable energy sources into power transmission and distribution, SuperV ensures the safe, stable, efficient, and cost-effective operation of the power grid.

Energy Storage on Power Consumption

SuperV’s energy storage systems offer users peak-valley electricity price arbitrage mode and ensure stable power quality management. SuperV’s electrochemical energy storage products have found successful applications in large-scale industrial, commercial, and residential settings, as well as emerging scenarios like base stations, UPS backup power, off-grid and isolated systems, and intelligent charging stations for optical storage charging and testing. These applications extend electricity access to regions with limited power grids, reduce electricity costs, ensure network stability, and maximize social and economic benefits by harnessing renewable energy to its fullest potential.