When electric scooters become a trend, renting a scooter is something that many people may consider when they want to use an electric scooter without worrying about the rapid changes in technology.

In car markets where electric vehicles are encouraged, many people have chosen to rent electric scooters as a way to experience new vehicles without having to spend a large amount of money to own them.

Electric Scooter Rental Trends
When battery technology is still in the development stage, renting an electric car will help users avoid risks and technological obsolescence.

They believe that battery technology will continue to improve and renting a scooter will help them eliminate concerns if the current electric scooter becomes outdated after a period of use.

This means that those who rent cars will also not have to face the risk of their electric vehicle depreciating in value, even though the used electric car market is still relatively new.

For consumers, depreciation is one of the important factors they consider when contemplating buying a new car. Recent studies have shown that electric cars depreciate faster than gasoline or diesel-powered cars.

Mr. Paul Jacobson – CFO of GM evaluates: “Electric car rental will be a very valuable method for this new vehicle. This is an excellent solution for customers who want to try, those who are concerned about the depreciation of electric cars.”

Electric Scooter Rental Trends
Car rental plays an important role in the electric vehicle business of many automakers.

And if battery technology improves over time, electric cars may not depreciate as much. At that time, car manufacturers will want to take advantage of this, especially in the context where electric car prices are still quite high and selling electric cars cannot generate much profit.

Mr. Alex Oyler, Director of SBD Automotive in North America, stated that incentives in US states will encourage many car manufacturers to prioritize leasing new electric vehicles instead of selling them when there is still a significant residual value of the old electric cars.

That is why companies like Tesla and Ford do not allow customers to buy back their leased electric cars after the lease contract expires.

Mr. Oyler further stated, “When the lease contract ends, car manufacturers can still sell the used electric car, especially with government incentives, at a reasonable profit.”

According to Bussiness Insider

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